About BILL

BILL checks out all things culture: movies, theater, comedy, games, fashion, books, expositions… We organise events and workshops and arrange crazy deals and free stuff. And we share inspiring stories on our social media.

The BILL-bundle contains a European Youth Card with 60.000 discounts in Brussels, Flanders & Europe, a weekly update about the must-sees in your area and access to our competitions for tickets, trips, movies and more. Join for only €10 per year or check out if you are eligible for a free bundle.

What's in it for you concretely? Well, more than you could expect! Let's follow Janne, a 23-year old student in Brussels, and discover the possibilities.

    • Janne activates her BILL-bundle online and receives a European Youth Card through the post. Ready to go!

    • Every month, Janne runs out of credit on her phone to call her mom and WhatsApp her friends. Now she chooses to become a Mobile Viking and gets €15 for free: counting megabytes is now a thing of the past.

    • Janne is sitting at home texting her boyfriend and she's actually pretty hungry but also... kind of lazy. The solution? Ordering a meal from Pizza.be, with a €5 discount included. Niiiiiiiiice!

    • During dinner, she watches the finals of So You Think You Can Dance and realises it would be cool to see "the real stuff" live. She decides to buy tickets for a ballet at the Flemish opera the next weekend and finds out she can get them for 50% off the price.

    • If she's going to go to Antwerp anyway, Janne figures out she can make it a daytrip. She orders "New places to be" with 15% off from Lannoo Publishing to find all those hipster coffee shops and also sets her mind on a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art where her ticket is €1 cheaper than usual.

    • While Janne is in Antwerp, she can't resist to go shopping at the Meir and sets her eyes on a flashy pair of boots from Sacha. Unfortunately her size is no longer available. Instead of getting depressed about it, she orders them in their online shop and ends up saving 25%!

  • Janne feels like this must be her luckiest day ever. The perfect moment to participate in some competitions on the BILL website. She might end up winning free tickets to NYE parties, films and concerts.

Closing balance? All cravings satisfied and no less than €75 saved. On top of that, she can use her European Youth Card in 38 countries and claim 60 000 more reductions. Promising!


Need more information, can't find what you want? Or need help with Dutch? The BILL-team is happy to help! Contact us via 02 203 02 00 or info@bill.be.