5 things to do in Brussels before the year is over



A new year is lurking just around the corner, but rest assured: BILL will help you make the most out of the last two weeks of 2016. Just take a look at our five tips and we're sure your December will go out with a bang. 

Lunch Tour @ BOZAR

Hungry for a (culture) sandwich? Then BOZAR is the place to be. Every Friday (at noon) they serve up an hour of culture for the price of a dish of the day. In 45 minutes a guide walks you through five key works that introduce you to the general story of one of their exhibitions. Next on the menu: The Power of the Avant-Garde (16/12), showcasing works by all-time greats such as Robert Delaunay, Marcel Duchamp, Fernand Léger, Kazimir Malevich and Luc Tuymans.

Film Festival System_D @ KVS

SYSTEM_D (16-18/12 in KVS) is a film festival/competition for young film makers in Brussels. Contestants don’t need any experience, they just need to create a documentary, video, short movie or animated movie about Brussels. A great way to get to know the city from its inhabitants' perspective. 


Br(ik Study Spaces 

Unfortunately, the end of the year also means that the time of studying and exams is near again. Br(ik tries to soften the blow, by organizing Study Spaces. They have taken over peaceful spots all over the city where you can study with your clasmates in a motivational and tranquil environment. During the Christmas Holidays (19-30/12), they will even open an exclusive Pop-Up Study Space in the middle of the city centre. Send them an e-mail (studyspaces@brik.be) and tell them why you deserve to be there, and maybe you’ll receive an invitation.  

English Stand-Up Comedy @ RITCS Café

Comedian Nigel Williams has selected two of his favorite UK acts to join him on stage at RITCS Café: Adam Fields and Matt Price. Belgium's own promising international comedian Manu Moreau will also be joining. Added bonus: 1€ per ticket sold on December 20th will be donated to Think Pink, the Belgian breast cancer awareness foundation. Also worth noting: your European Youth Card gives you a 50 percent discount at RITCS Cinema

H18 Photo Festival @ Hangar H18 

Photo18 Festival is a major annual meeting devoted to photography, and based around a meaningful theme. 'Loving Earth', the theme for 2016, explores the link between mankind and the Earth, through the lenses of landscape photographers. Go check out the work of Danila Tkachenko and many other internationally acclaimed artists. The exhibition is open for the public until 18 January 2017