How to save money with your European Youth Card

Get the most out of your BILL & European Youth Card membership


So you've got a free BILL-membership from your school (or you're interested to join for only €10 per year), but how can you best use it? Let's follow Janne, a 23-year old student in Brussels.

Janne would like to attend a ballet show once, but isn’t that really expensive? “Keep calm and trust BILL”, she thinks and she uses her card to get a 50% discount at Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.

>  Opera Ballet Vlaanderen for half price, CHECK! 

Janne loves adventure. Thanks to BILL she gets a free membership with Karavaan, an organisation that organises cool activities for young people with a love for travelling and adventure.

>  Free Karavaan membership, CHECK! 

Janne is ready to explore the world. She travels around in Spain by train, for a very good price: she gets a 20% discount on all Renfe train tickets with her European Youth Card.

>  20% off en todos los trenes, OLÉ!

For her trip, she buys a travel guide from Lannoo and gets a 15% discount.

>  -15% on all Lannoo books, CHECK!

Janne wants a Humo magazine subscription. She pays €91 instead of €182 and gets tickets for an exclusive film première. Alright!

>  €91 discount on a year of Humo + film tickets, CHECK!

Janne feels like visiting a museum. She gets on her bike and pays only €2 (normally €8) for a ticket to the Design Museum Gent.

>  €6 off a museum ticket, CHECK!


The good news? There are 60.000 similar discounts that Janne can claim, in Belgium and abroad. She can also win cool stuff and get inspired about cultural activities all year round.

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