Mons: Capital of Culture 2015

You can’t imagine a life without art? Then you should totally visit Mons before the end of 2015!


Foto’s voor Mons: Capital of Culture 2015

Installation in Bergen Streets

Are you the kind of person who would spend hours in front of a beautiful drawing? Do you feel a shiver down your spine when you read a good poem? You just can’t imagine your life without art? Then you should totally visit Mons before the end of 2015!

The European Capital of Culture

Since 1985, the European Union chooses a different city every year and entitles it Capital of Culture. This year, Mons / Bergen was chosen to be Capital of Culture. For this occasion, the Belgian city launched a considerable amount of new cultural initiatives, such as the construction of new museums, street art installations and the development of the artistic background of the city. As you can see on the official site, Mons offers a range of different activities. If you happen to be in a hurry: here's a list of things you absolutely have to see and do.

Mons in a few steps



After a massive renovation, which you can appreciate while strolling through the interior -by comparing the new appendices opposing the old part of the building – the Artothèque is a place where all of Mons' heritage will be preserved. A showcase for exhibits and activities, it will be a centre dedicated to storing, researching, restoring and studying this heritage by bringing together all of the municipal collections under one roof.

Mons Memorial Museum 

This new museum is destined to become a meeting space dedicated to the interaction between different generations who lived in the heart of a memorial region marked by the two World Wars of the 20th century. One of the things you'll get to see in the exhibition, is a collection of precious relics. During your visit, you'll hear a story that is told by witness’s voices. Intense. 


On the top of a hill, the Beffroi tower is looking over the city since 1672 and is now open to visitors. You can reach the top by taking the transparent elevator and, besides enjoying the exhibition concentrated on Mons' popular culture, you can appreciate the panoramic view -thanks to new interactive technology with a Belgian patent- at  360°. A good reason to overcome your fear of heights.

Mons in the streets

But discovering a European Capital of Culture is not just about visiting museums. Wandering around the city can be interesting as well! You’ll discover traces of art almost everywhere, from the poetry written on the sidewalks in the town centre to the unexpected installation near the humanistic faculty. Keep your eyes open because this year in Mons, art is waiting just around each and every corner!