Pizza & Pintjes: Language Challenge - Flemish vs. Italian

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Caterina Falvo

“Oh, you’re going to Flanders? Good luck with the Dutch language!” Thank you, random person. You really know how to give my foreign heart some much needed hope.

Le lingue / De talen:

Flemish or Belgian Dutch is the official variation of Dutch spoken in the Northern part of Belgium and in Brussels. There are four principal Dutch dialects in Flanders and they all sound quite obscure to an Italian.

Italian is a Latin language, spoken in Italy, Switzerland and in different states by a lot of minorities. If you are Italian and you want to curse while you're abroad, you should always think twice. There are still lots of people who will understand what you're saying.

But how difficult is Italian for a Flemish speaker? 

This week Pizza & Pintjes presents the “Language Challenge” between Pieter, my colleague, and me. Enjoy our useless efforts trying to communicate with each other in our native languages.

Who do you think was the best?

Let me know who won this challenge and stay tuned for other Pizza & Pintjes videos, the only videos in which we are so enthusiastic that we throw flags in each other's eyes!