Videos for an unconventional Valentine’s day

YouTube to the rescue


You're just getting used to your normal routine now that Christmas is over, and here you are again: surrounded by red hearts, flying Cupids and postcards with way too many cute animals on it.  

But are we sure that there’s no better way to set the right, romantic, atmosphere? BILL suggests you to watch these three videos to experience Valentine's Day from a different point of view.

“He doesn’t even know that I exist”

We all know the struggle: he/she’s amazing and you two would be the perfect couple… If only he/she would notice you! Surprisingly, it's not just us who have experienced this before. Even stars like Nicole Kidman have felt invisible.


Tip: show this video to your secret crush, he/she might get the hint and, finally, see you as his/her Significant Other!

The Perfect Soundtrack

So there he/she is, beautiful and amazing, looking at you like a bear looks at honey. It’s time to set the mood! And to do that, you know you need the right song. In fact, you don't need one song but at least twenty love songs in twenty different styles.


Tip: watch out for the Grind Core Metal covers. They're not exactly cut out for the romantic decor you've chosen for you Valentine's date.

For every occasion

Sometimes it’s meant to be, sometimes it’s not. Are you still hesitant? You should listen to this duet that's easily adaptable to each level of your love story, from "terribly in love" to "terribly close to steal his facebook password and tell everybody about his really pleasant morning breath".


Tip: everybody will suffer because of love, but no matter how many times we’ll try to convince ourselves of the contrary, we will never be able to live without it!