Get discounts with EYCA

Get discounts with EYCA

Buy your EYCA number to activate the EYCA app and enjoy a year of discounts in more than 30 European countries for just €5.

Were you born lucky?

The app itself can be found in the App Store or Play Store. You activate that app with your personal EYCA number, which you will receive by email after purchasing it here. From then on: no ticket needed, just show your app for discounts or extras.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s EYCA?

BILL offers you the advantages of EYCA, de European Youth Card Association.

More than 6 million young people in more than 30 countries enjoy advantages and discounts. A ‘real card’ is no longer needed in Flanders and Brussels, because of the EYCA app.

I need a number or code to use the EYCA app. How do I get one of those codes?

Each and every EYCA code is personal and unique. You can buy one on this website. It costs 5 euros. Your code is active and usable until a year after the date of purchase.

BILL works with a certain amount of institutes for higher education and municipalities. If you are a student at or live in one of these instances, they will contact you and you’ll get your EYCA code for free.

Does my University College or University offer me a EYCA code?

Are you a student at VUB or UCLL and are you younger than 30? In October you will get an email containing your unique EYCA code. Nice to know: If your student card has the EYCA logo on it (it’s pink, you can’t miss it), then you can use that card to access all of your EYCA deals. Download the app, register with your unique code and off you go!

Questions? Contact us.

Does my city or municipality offer me an EYCA code?

Are you a resident of Lille (Antwerp), Knokke-Heist or Wortegem-Petegem? Are you between 16 and 26 years old? Your municipality will contact you in October on how you can get your personal EYCA code. The amount of free codes is limited, so you should activate it as soon as possible! Download the EYCA app, register your unique code and off you go!

Questions? Contact your local government’s cultural department.

Help! Where did the BILL app go?

Yes, the BILL-app is gone… but the EYCA app is alive and kicking! You will find all discounts of the old BILL app in the EYCA app. That way you can find all your discounts in other countries as well. You can find the EYCA app in the App Store or the Play Store.

How does the EYCA app work?

Download the app on your phone. You can activate it with your unique and personal EYCA code (you will get it by email after purchase or from your municipality or institute of higher education). After that: no need for an extra card. You can get all your discounts and extras by showing the app.

My EYCA app has expired. How can I reactivate it?

Your EYCA card will be active for one year. Interested in another year full of EYCA discounts? If you have or purchased a new code, you can add it via this link. After that your account will be active again. You can log in again.

I can’t find a card number or code?

If you want to register in the app, you’ll be asked for a card number and an EYCA number or code. These are the same. Just fill in the same code twice and everything will work fine.

I’ve just activated the app, but the expiration date is wrong!

You can view until when your card will be active in the EYCA app. After purchasing a code from, you’ll see an expiration date of two months instead of a year. This will automatically change within seven work days. The expiration date will be moved back to one year. You can use the app immediately.

Still having trouble? Contact us.

The app doesn’t work on my phone. How come?

The EYCA app only works on smartphones with Android versions supported by Google (the last three versions) and iOS versions supported by Apple (the last two versions). The EYCA app does not work on Windows smartphones.

Not a suitable smartphone? Contact us and we will take care of a solution.

Another question?

You didn’t find the answers to your questions? Contact us and we will help you.