TechnoSlave: Hurry up and lose your phone!

Technological addiction


This is how your morning looks like

When was the last time you left the house without your phone? Did you run right back to get it? I know I did. So tell me, why is it that we feel utterly helpless and naked without our phones? The constant urge to be connected, to stay in touch, to know when and why and who and what instantly has actually led to the fact that we are ultimately disconnected. From the outside world.

Imagine this: you are out with friends, you are having a great time, but you are constantly checking your phone to see if anyone called, texted or if the universe has shifted in some other kind of way. Sounds familiar? That’s right.

In all fairness: I am clearly writing about myself, so if you are the lucky owner of a Nokia 3315 that is switched off half of the time, then I salute you! However, being a smartphone addict myself, I cannot help but notice how hard it is for me to stay offline and out-of-reach. It’s easy to make excuses – work, family that lives out of the country, etc. – but ultimately we have just forgotten how to deal with those things the old-school way. Don’t throw your smartphones away – hell, that is not the point here – but try to lay off it every once in a while.

Expectations, much?

Don’t trade the digital connection for the real life thing. We chat up and send links but when we finally meet up, the sense of boredom creeps in because reality stopped meeting our Youtube-based expectations. So drop your expectation levels and get cracking on your own life, cause no one has the power to make it interesting except for you. Drop your phone and see how long you can go without it, just to let yourself feel how attached and dependent you are on it.

Do you want to play a game?

Here is a game for when you get together: Stack the phones in a pile in the middle of the table, screen down. If someone picks up their phone before the evening is over – he/she pays the bill. A harsh but effective way to fight the smartphone syndrome and keep your friends connected… offline.

Just do it

Technology is wonderful – no denying that – having the opportunity to use it, you should do so to the fullest. However, too often new opportunities damage other important parts of our life. So hurry up and turn your phone into something that enhances your communication with the people around you and not pushes them away.