What to do in Brussels in January?

Winterbar Eliza // The Eradicated // 5 Years Subbacultcha // Ukiyo-e

Bruxelles ma Belle

Pieter Claes

So you've survived New Year's Eve and the exams are all but done. Congrats! Now get up and have some fun in Brussels, with BILL's 4 things to do in January. 

4th of Januari: Franklin le Mannequin presents NpN @ Winterbar Eliza 

No glühwein, no fireworks, just a group of talented young people presenting their first theatre production. The show starts at 7.30 pm and most of the dialogues are in French. Of course, you can always come just for the great atmosphere and the delicious beer (which will be flowing starting at 8.30 pm). The show tells the story of two buddies, Fred and Omar. The former is the son of a successful lawyer, while the latter hails from a family of hairdressers. One day, Fred decides to change schools and swaps his elite college for the community college Omar has been attending for years. 

Do keep an eye on pop-up Bar Eliza’s schedule: there will be plenty of other cool events in the coming days.   

Until 6th of Januari: The eradicated: from Maximillian Parc to the jungle of Calais @ Centre culturel de Schaerbeek

Christian Fauconnier and Luciano Caprariello dove into the everyday reality of asylum seekers living in temporary refugee camps, such as the one that sat in the Maximillian Parc in Brussels. Les Déracinés, du Parc Maximilien à la Jungle de Calais is a raw and uncensored photodocumentary that will leave no one indifferent. 

Free entry. Guided tours in the company of the photographers and group visits must be booked in advance. 

28th January: 5 Years Subbacultcha @ Beursschouwburg 

Subbacultcha invites its readers to celebrate the magazine’s fifth anniversary. Subbacultcha is a free monthly magazine that promotes alternative culture. For 8 euros a month, you’ll get the magazine delivered at your door and free access to all concerts, films and exhibitions organizes and promoted by Subbacultcha. For its birthday party, Subbacultcha has invited four partners to take over a room in Beursschouwburg: He4rtbroken claims the café, Deep In House settles down in the silver room, Sabzian occupies the golden hall and Fortune Collective rules in the black box. 

A ticket will set you back €10, however Subbacultcha Members can enter for free until 1am. 

Until 12th of February: Ukiyo-e @ Jubelparkmuseum 

The Jubelparkmuseum puts its enormous collection of Japanese drawings on display for the first time since 1989. Ukiyo-e serves as a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the diplomatic covenants between Belgium and Japan. The exhibition showcases 416 masterpieces, some as old as the early eighteenth century. Enough to keep you busy for a few hours, even though it’s still only a fraction of the 7500 (!) works in the museum’s vast archives. 

A ticket to the exhibition will cost you 12 euro's if you're under 26.