RITCS café turns into a London style comedy club

English Comedy at RITCS café

Ben Norris - Jeron Dewulf - Jens Lesthaeghe


English Comedy at RITCS café

  • RITCS café
  • 21 feb 2017
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RITCS café in Brussels opens its doors monthly on English Comedy night for international stand up comedians. For the first time again this year, the café will turn into a London style comedy club again at the 21st of February.

Guest comedians will be Ben Norris, Jeron Dewulf and Jens LesthaegheHeadliner this evening is Ben Norris. He’s a well known comedian in the UK, as one of the regulars at London Comedy Store. He is described as “a wonderful disgrace of a human being” (Daniel Kitson) and “it's hard to think of anyone on the circuit who works an audience with as much as much skill and flair” (The Scotsman).

Secondly, there’s Jeron Dewulf. He’s mostly known in Belgium for his role in Foute Vrienden, a Flemish TV show. Besides his work on TV, he is a great stand-up comedian and has an enormous talent for improvising. In 2006 he even won a gold medal on the world championship for improvising.

RITCS café also gives a chance to newcomers. Jens Lesthaeghe will be doing his thing on a 10-minute try-out.

So if you feel like encouraging Jens and/or if you’re completely ready to rip your stomach muscles from laughing, RITCS café is probably the best place you can go to. Tickets can be bought by simply mailing them at standupritcs@gmail.com